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New Graphic Design Project

April 18, 2014

I am someone who always seems to be creating and working on one project or another; I always try to keep busy and improve upon my skills. I thought it would be fun to challenge myself and try to design something new. I’ve been working on new greeting card and print ideas lately, but I thought it would be nice to get a change of pace. As I have moved recently, I thought it was time for me to update my resume in a creative way.  I had two conditions to meet as part of my challenge:


1: To showcase my design skills along with my employment history in one document? I already have a “standard” resume with all the information needed, How hard could it be?

2: Could I create this project using more than one software, perhaps one that I feel I should use more frequently?


The results:

Designed Resume


This is what I came up with: an cool updated resume!


I created this project using Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, and Illustrator. The assorted clip art is sourced from vintage royalty-free printed materials. I’ve blurred out some personal information, but you can see that (even without that information) the piece is clear, concise, and informative. I job well done, if I do say so myself!

Breaking News

December 3, 2013


we are moving! The Change of Address postcard I designed! We sent these out to our relatives and friends!


Yes, you heard it right: we are moving. From Los Angeles to Western New York. In winter. In December. With two silly cats. While we have been talking of moving for a while now, I didn’t think it would sneak up on us so quickly!


While we’ve been told that moving in the middle of winter from sunny Southern California may not be the best idea, we’ve decided that the timing couldn’t be better! Fortunately we both have work lined up, which is part of the reason that we are moving now and not waiting for spring. I was able to transfer with my current job and they want me to start “yesterday”. They are excited to have me join the team here in Buffalo, which is amazing. My boyfriend also has a number of contract positions ready for him when we relocate. It’s so, so exciting!


We’ll be using a moving company to ship my car and our things that we can be without for a while, and then  we will each be flying with a couple checked bags and, of course, one cat*!  This is all very exciting news and I will be sure to keep you all posted!


*If you fly Southwest Airlines you are able to fly with your small pet in a carrying bag . They sit underneath the seat in front of you, just like a carry-on bag!


UPDATE 12/16/2013: I have arrived safely with Ferdinand the cat. We were picked up from the airport shortly after our arrival (I had to get my bags!) and my boyfriend’s dad took us to the apartment. Ferdinand was none too happy, but our family in the area was amazing and bought a makeshift litter box and some litter for the little guy and he was fine once that was set up and there was food in his bowl.  We need to wait until tomorrow to see if Leo and the Boyfriend arrive safely.

Giving Thanks

November 30, 2013

Wisdom Tree

We couldn’t have asked for a better day!

This Thanksgiving my boyfriend and I spent the morning hiking to the Wisdom Tree on the Cahuenga Peak/ Mount Lee trails. I’ve seen the “Wisdom Tree” watch over the valley for years now and I figured it was high time we go and pay it a visit. You can see the tree perfectly on my daily route, and I’ve heard from several people that “when the time is right” you will go and visit the tree. The weather has been pretty toasty lately, but Thursday morning was nice and cool…a cold front was making its way through the area. I had the day off work, so we left pretty early on in the day.


Look how steep that hike is! I believe that is the Hollywood Basin down below.

According to legend, it’s the only tree that survived the devastating Hollywood Hills Fire in 2007. It’s over 1,000 feet in elevation, and most of that ascent is within a very short distance. I’m in decent shape and I got pretty winded on the way up!


City in Distance

You can see downtown off in the distance. Beautiful.

The hike gives you an incredible view of the city. I really wish that I had taken this hike earlier…perhaps a right when I moved to the city? It’s an absolutely breathtaking view. I love, love, love Griffith Park, but this was one of my favorite outdoor adventures in LA. The main area of Griffith Park is perhaps a little more versatile and a little easier (you can drive or ride your bike many places within the park and it is right by my apartment!), but you can’t beat this view.



The ridge and the Hollywood Sign in the distance.

You can even see a little corner of the Hollywood Sign in this picture (right in front of the radio tower). Sadly, this is the closest I was able to get to the Hollywood Sign in the years I lived in LA. I’ll have to go back and visit so that I can see the sign up-close!


After the hike we, of course, had some delicious foods that I prepared for my boyfriend and some of our friends. Nothing fancy (Chicken, rice, potatoes, tofu and, of course, pie.) But we were quite hungry after our work, so a big Thanksgiving Dinner really hit the spot.

Busy Number People

November 18, 2013

Number People

Busy Number People, original illustrations.

Welcome to my newest project: Busy Number People! I illustrated these little guys over the summer and introduced them at the Renegade Craft Fair in the form of adorable little notebooks and prints! They really lend themselves to the printed world and I look forward to moving forward with this concept in the near future.


I have plans to make them in to their own story book and give them their own little lives. Stay tuned for more about these little Number People! And, of course, Little Letter People?

You Rebel, You

November 4, 2013

Hot Tramp CardNew colors have been added to my “Rebel Rebel” Greeting Cards in my Etsy Shop! My popular hand-cut cards inspired by David Bowie’s song “Rebel Rebel” now come in a variety of colors including Blue, Orange, Red, and Pink, with more colors to come soon (and others available upon request)! The Blue card and pink card are featured in this photograph. It’s a great card to give to a loved one, a friend, or a true Bowie fan! Each card is hand-cut and lovely enough to display after you’ve sent it to the recipient (or kept it for yourself!).

Rebel Rebel Card

Visit my Etsy Shop for more information about this great card and others like it!


Feliz Dia De Los Muertos

November 2, 2013

calavera tote bagHappy “Dia De Los Muertos”, Everyone!


Today we celebrate the “Day of the Dead” with a new tote bag from Pink Toe Press! This bag was designed by Yours Truly and was hand-printed in Burbank, CA. This new bag design is currently available at Rocket Fizz Burbank and in my Etsy shop! This bag is a great tote bag for Day of the Dead, of course, but the design is great for using all year round! Bring a bag to market for your groceries or fill it with books for class. The bag itself measures 13 inches by 13 inches and is made from durable cotton canvas, so you can tote just about anything in this great Calavera Tote Bag!


Sneak Peek of New Tote Bag Design

October 3, 2013


calavera tote bagJust in time for October, this new tote bag is great for the upcoming season!!!

Made from an original illustration, this design is printed on cotton canvas tote bags. Can you guess the design? That’s right! It’s a Calavera from Dia De Los Muertos, or a Mexican Sugar Skull from “Day of the Dead”. I hand-drew the design and processed it in to a silk screen. More photos to come, and perhaps more colors too?


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