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Tattoo You: Nerdy Tattoo Designs Part 1

If there’s one thing I love it’s video games! If there’s two things I love it’s nautical tattoo designs and video games. I’m always thinking of fun tattoo ideas that would not only look nice as a piece of body artwork, but could be framed and hung on a wall.


I made a series of fun, clean, nerdy Tattoo Illustrations that I will be showcasing in the next few posts. Each illustration was made by hand using pen and paper, and a variety of markers including Prismacolor, Copic, Sharpie, and others.

The first illustration was inspired by classical MERMAID tattoos. The subject of this piece is my favorite Eevee evolution: Vaporeon. I thought she would make a fine mermaid. Perhaps one of the sailors in Vermillion City would sport this one?


An in-progress shot


My life, my lover, my lady is the sea.


The finished illustration (unframed) is available in my Etsy Shop. You can purchase prints in various sizes too!


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