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Save the Dates

I was asked to design Save the Dates for digital distribution (the bride-to-be wanted to email them to friends and loved ones so that she can spend more money on the wedding invitations). After a few sketches, she approved this design and layout:


I created this design that features Peonies, a favorite flower of the couple.

The design was created using original floral illustrations and existing fonts.

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Breaking News


we are moving!

Yes, you heard it right: we are moving. From Los Angeles to Western New York. In winter. In December. With two silly cats. While we have been talking of moving for a while now, I didn’t think it would sneak up on us so quickly!

While we’ve been told that moving in the middle of winter from sunny Southern California may not be the best idea, we’ve decided that the timing couldn’t be better! Fortunately we both have work lined up, which is part of the reason that we are moving now and not waiting for spring. I was able to transfer with my current job and they want me to start “yesterday”. They are excited to have me join the team here in Buffalo, which is amazing. My boyfriend also has a number of contract positions ready for him when we relocate. It’s so, so exciting!

We’ll be using a moving company to ship my car and our things that we can be without for a while, and then  we will each be flying with a couple checked bags and, of course, one cat*!  This is all very exciting news and I will be sure to keep you all posted!

*If you fly Southwest Airlines you are able to fly with your small pet in a carrying bag . They sit underneath the seat in front of you, just like a carry-on bag!

UPDATE 12/16/2013: I have arrived safely with Ferdinand the cat. We were picked up from the airport shortly after our arrival (I had to get my bags!) and my boyfriend’s dad took us to the apartment. Ferdinand was none too happy, but our family in the area was amazing and bought a makeshift litter box and some litter for the little guy and he was fine once that was set up and there was food in his bowl.  We need to wait until tomorrow to see if Leo and the Boyfriend arrive safely. I also need to wait until tomorrow to get Ferdinand more food. Not one for planning ahead, he immediately gobbled up everything I gave him.

Update 12/17/2013: Leo and the Boyfriend arrived safely. Leo was, of course, perfect the whole ride only complaining a bit when the plane was taking off or landing. He’s such a good little Dude. The only causality was that my Boyfriend found out upon arriving that his “Wacom Companion” charger got packed away with our moving truck. Hopefully we can pick up a spare one with out much trouble in the next few days.

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Busy Number People

Number People

Busy Number People, original illustrations.

Welcome to my newest project: Busy Number People! I illustrated these little guys over the summer and introduced them at the Renegade Craft Fair in the form of adorable little notebooks and prints! They really lend themselves to the printed world and I look forward to moving forward with this concept in the near future.

I have plans to make them in to their own story book and give them their own little lives. Stay tuned for more about these little Number People! And, of course, Little Letter People?

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New Graphic Design Work for the Shop

Here are some fun new designs I put together for the shop. They are always looking for refreshed artwork and graphic design items (Business cards, posters, signs, etc.) and I created this button design for them this week.

Swanky new button design for Rocket Fizz!

I think I may make more of these to sell in the shop very soon.

I just love these button designs. I think I might put one on my motorcycle jacket. :-)

Freelance Work

Going to Guatemala

SO I’M GOING TO GUATEMALA! I’m sure you’re thinking: “But why are you going to Guatemala?” I’ll tell you:

The studio that I’m working for does motion capture. I’ve helped with this in the past. We are using a NEW technology for motion capture, though… It’s not the balls and sensors motion capture that you might have become familiar with.  We’re using a motion capture suit by Xsens. It’s a WIRELESS, CAMERALESS, Bluetooth suit that you can literally take ANYWHERE. And we’re taking ours to Guatemala!

The motion capture suit in action!

There is an animation company in Guatemala that is creating an innovative video game for the Play Station. They have great resources, but need help with motion capture for some of their animation sequences. They are one of the few animation studios in Guatemala and the only video game studio. Unfortunately for them, there aren’t any resources for motion capture there yet, so that’s where we come in. Our studio offers some good rates on motion capture including offsite motion capture (because our tech works so well for that). They hired us and I’m going to assist with the motion capture with one of the company’s owners and a translator/personal assistant. My technical skills with the software AND my Spanish speaking made me a good candidate, and I’m going to Guatemala for a little over a week.

Fortunately my other job is flexible and one of my co-workers needs some extra hours, so I even got the time off work with no problem. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures and let y’all know how that goes. I’ve heard some really wonderful as well as some scary reviews of the country, but I’m sure it will be a really good experience.

How exciting! I leave on the 13th!!!


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Postcard Designs for Restaurant

Noor Restaurant and Ballroom is a great newer restaurant in Old Town Pasadena. They have a great menu, tasty drinks, and a couple lovely ballrooms and lounges where you can hold a party. I did some postcard and flyer designs for them in the past. Here they are!

Photographs were taken by Noor Restaurant and Ballroom, or have been purchased from stock photo websites. Artwork and layout done by myself.

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Graphic Design Samples 2: Children’s Book

Hello again,

I’ve been meaning to post these for a while now. I’m not sure if I told you, but I worked on layout and graphic design for a children’s book. The book was written by a skilled actress and teacher who works with young children. She came up with the idea for a travel book for kids and adults that is geared towards traveling via airplane (although the activities could easily be modified to work for land or sea travel). From activities to complete alone or with a group, this book will surely keep even the most active travelers at bay.

This was a fun and challenging project. The book ended up being about 100 pages and includes 101 activities to do while traveling. Each page was designed by yours truly. Once my copy of the book arrives, I’ll  be sure to post more pictures.  *I did not illustrate this book, the illustrations were done by another person. I did create all of the the layouts and page designs. If you are interested in picking up a copy of the book, visit this link. :-)

I’ve heard that the author is planning on making a Spanish Language version of the book. Stay tuned for more information on that project and for some photographs of the book.

Thanks for lookin’! -P