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Just Listed-Mario Brothers Toiletry Bags

Happy Monday!

I’m so happy to introduce a new set of Toiletry and Make Up Bags to the Pink Toe Press Etsy Shop!

These bags are a  fun bunch! They feature everyone’s favorite Italian Plumber: Mario …and all his friends!  A great gift for boys and girls, these bags are durable, attractive, and spacious. There are TWO sizes available: One Boxy Bag ( think DOP Kit) and a smaller pouch (for pencils or makeup).


The bags are of durable construction and fully lined. You can see the bright, colorful lining in the photos above. The bags are sturdy and quilted with an interfacing to maintain their shape. The boxy bags will hold up in your carry-on or your suit case  on travel trips. Tuck one in your book-bag to keep your computer chargers, stylus, and mouse all in one place! I keep one in my purse with my phone charger, a spare pen, and lipstick!


Two awesome Mario   fabrics make these a great gift for girls, boys, or adults!  One features all your favorite characters from the games. The other design (in blue) shows a few of your favorite characters running along blocks with Piranha Plants and Goombas. Also shown are the matching hair bows/ bow ties. Get a complete set for a Christmas or Birthday gift! Available online  and at my upcoming craft fairs this summer!

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Pencil and Makeup Pouches

Just listed in Pink Toe Press’ Etsy Shop: A great assortment of pencil cases/ makeup cases! Super cute triangularly  shaped, quilted pouches made from  various fabrics. They are a great addition to your book-bag or  purse.


While they are intended for pens and pencils, you can use them to organize all sorts of things. They are a great little bag for your phone cords and accessories too!   I had a customer rave about them as a glasses case!




They come in many patterns and color variations. Check out this Etsy listing to pick your favorite! Each bag is fully lined inside and has a durable polyester zipper. Linings coordinate with the exterior of the bag.



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Calavera Makeup

Calavera makeup for Dia de los Muertos

I know that Dia De Los Muertos is a few days away , but I thought I’d share some “Dia De Los Muertos” makeup that I did over the weekend. I volunteered (through/for the shop) at an awesome Halloween/ Autumn Festival at a local elementary school, working an activity booth and passing out candy and treats to kids. The event was put together really well and I had a lot of fun!

Since it was a Halloweeney event, I wanted to wear a costume, but not something that was:

1: Not too scary, as I was at an elementary school and there were lots of young kids.

2: Not too hard to wear, as I was outside and running around after bean bags  for 4 hours.

3: Fun. I didn’t want something boring or goofy. With a latex allergy, a lot of masks and “special effects” makeup are off-limits anyways. Many people really liked the make up too. Although, I think I scared a couple kids who just saw the left side of my face first. :-)

This is what I came up with on the fly, and I think it turned out well and really didn’t take that long to do.  My only complaint is that I rode my scooter to work and a little bit of the makeup on my forehead got smudged from my helmet, but despite having my full-face helmet on, that was the only problem I had (didn’t even notice it with the wig once I put that on). I plan on doing this again if/when we go downtown for Dia de los Muertos this week. I know that they have people there who will do the face painting for you, but I think it’s more fun to do it myself!