Mural Mural on the Wall

Recently I was asked to design a mural for my work. We have been tasked with replacing some of the “canned” artwork that came with our store when it opened. Most of the artwork was painted by a painter (or group of artists) who works for the company and makes similar paintings for stores all over the east coast. They are based in the Boston area and generally get photos of the area and some scenes to paint.

We wanted a new look that is a little more playful for our “candy” section. I was inspired by the Tonawanda history of the carousel, so I worked that into my design. I used artwork and animals inspired by our candies: gummy bears and other gummy animals that we sell (dolphins, lobsters, sea horses, and rock fish)

This is the final painting, installed. It measures 4 feet high by 8 feet wide.

I’ll post details of the painting in following posts. See previous posts for works-in-progress photographs.

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A Record-Breaking NEW Project!

An ornate hand-painted letter “A”

Well, I’m not actually breaking records, I’m painting on them… As you all know, I love typography and I have an interest in traditional sign painting.

Vinyl Love: Record Artwork "A"
A close up.

This is my newest project: An ornate hand-painted capital “A” on an old record.  I painted this last night using acrylic inks on a record that was primed with a matte black spray-paint (the paints don’t adhere well to the vinyl alone). I love it when bright colors come together well on a black background, and I feel I pulled it off here. I can see myself making many, many more of these…