The Newest Addition to the Family

We recently went out and purchased a pet Hermit Crab. I always thought that the logical progression of pets went from fish to cats, cats to dogs. In our case, it went from cats to Hermit Crabs.

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about them. My  boyfriend bought them on a whim (he had them as a kid). But I’ve warmed up to the little crustaceans; they sure are funny.

Hermit Crab“The Great Crabisimo” on one of my air-plants.

We currently have 2 hermit crabs. We bought one a few weeks before getting this second crab (shown). Despite their name, they are very social creatures. The two seem to be getting along well. Shy at first, they have warmed up to us a bit. I am sure there will be more posts about hermit crabs in the very near future.