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Greeting Card 5 Packs Now Available!

Just listed in my Etsy Shop! Gift Sets of my most popular Greeting Card designs!


A great way to celebrate a birthday!

What a fun way to stock up on unique, handmade greeting cards! Each card set comes in a clear acrylic box. Cards come with coordinating envelopes.


Mix or Match.

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New Cards and Birthday Wishes

Today is my dear Brother’s birthday. I cannot believe how old he is (and how old *I* am!). He’s turning 22 and, while I would love to do a card based off of a famous lady-singer’s song about this age, I will refrain.

In the spirit of BIRTHDAYS, here are TWO NEW CARD DESIGNS that I’ve designed and released just this week. They are currently available only in my Etsy Shop, but I hope to bring them to brick-and-mortar stores soon.

ASL Sign Language BirthdaySprinkles not included :-)

The first card was inspired by my good friend’s daughters.The youngest daughter was born with some hearing loss and the whole family is learning sign language as a way to help her communicate. Both girls are practically fluent in American Sign Language, and are both under the age of 6.  They are a wonderful family and are inspiring in so many ways.

You could gift this “Sign Language Happy Birthday” card to someone who has hearing loss or is learning ASL. It is also a good card to have on-hand for friend, family, or even teacher birthdays.

Typewriter BirthdayIconic design (with glitter accents)

The second set of cards was inspired by vintage typewriters. I was looking to design a card that is both simple and elegant  that could be a good card to give someone who you are in a professional relationship with, a friend, or someone who has no need for flashy cards.

Both card designs would be great for any-time gift giving and are blank inside for your personal message.