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Sage Advice for Greeting Cards

“To write is human, to receive a letter: Devine!”
Susan Lendroth

Send someone an any-time letter with these greeting cards that I designed for Pink Toe Press. They are good for pet-lovers, or just people who need a little bit of good advice. They are blank on the inside and come with their own envelope. They are also available as larger prints.


For dog lovers

As I write with a cat curled up on my lap, It amazes me the pure love that an animal has for its owner. These cards were designed to inspire you to reach the potential that your pet knows you have, but that you may not know you have.


For cat lovers

Truly, be the person that your dog (or cat) thinks you are!


Happy Birthday to the CATS!

Happy Birthday to…the cats!

I can hardly believe it’s been 6 years since my two goofy cats were born! I adopted them at about 4 weeks in September of 2008, so this is their birthday week. I happily adopted them from the Humane Society of Huron Valley. It was “Buy one get one free” for the cats that week, which is why I have two cats instead of one! Now you know!

It is a special day when your companions turn 6. I, of course, had to make the little guys some birthday cake. Unfortunately it is work getting them to eat much other than cat food (Ferdinand will eat nothing but), so they didn’t do much more than lick the frosting.

Birthday BoyLeo is investigating the tiny cake.

He seems to like the frosting but doesn’t like the sprinkles.

While I never would have thought of myself as a “Cat Person” 6.5-7 years ago, I am a happy Cat Mom now. My cats are a wonderful source of inspiration and entertainment, and they always make me smile. I wouldn’t have it any other way, unless there was a way to not ALWAYS be covered in cat hair.

Birthday BoyFerdinand is terrified.

Perhaps of the tiny cake? Perhaps of aging?

While I go and give my cats a little extra cat food and some new toys, I hope you give your companion animals (and/or people) a good hug! Or perhaps a “tooth” like Leo loves to give me.


Hello world!

Welcome to the online portfolio of Page Redford.

Hello! My name is Page Redford. I am an artist who specializes in illustration and graphic design.  I can always be found working on artwork and creating. I also work in a variety of mediums, which can be viewed here on my website. I am a Michigan native, and a University of Michigan graduate. I am currently living in Southern California where I work.

Here you will find my online portfolio of my artwork. It is divided up into clear categories so that you can easily find work that is applicable to your needs. You will find my SKETCHBOOKS, ILLUSTRATION, FIBER ARTS, and PORTFOLIO WORK. Also included within this site is a link to my online shops where you can find some of my artwork for purchase. Whether you are a friend looking to catch up on my creations, a potential client, or a fellow artist, I appreciate your stopping by.

If you have any questions , custom requests, or just want to say “hello”, please feel free to drop me a line on the CONTACT page.

If you are interested in following my artwork, please visit my BLOG “Pink Toe Press” for up-to-date information about my artwork and upcoming events.