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Custom Wedding Chalkboards

I am so excited to share a series of new artworks with you all!


I was recently asked to make chalkboards for a wedding. Each chalkboard was hand-drawn by Yours Truly. I am quite pleased with how these have turned out!

These were a joy to make and are something that I look forward to making for other happy couples in the future.

welcome_chalkboardWelcome friends and family!

This was the largest piece that I made. This measured nearly 3 feet by 2 feet. It features the bride and groom’s names and their wedding date. This is a standard inclusion in the package and can be customized to fit the couples’ needs! I really like how this one turned out with the gold detailing.

Hand-Lettered Chalkboards for Weddings


Please stay tuned for some of the other CUSTOM PIECES that I made for the wedding!


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2015 off to a GOOD START!

2015 is already well underway. The first day of the New Year and I am already trying hard to complete my resolutions. If you haven’t noticed, I gave my website (especially the blog feature) a complete overhaul! I decided it was time for a change and no better day than TODAY to get that done!

Yesterday I posted about my newest item available in my Etsy Shop. I created this poster as a way to encourage myself and others to stick to New Year’s Resolutions. If you are curious, here are mine:

Available in the Pink Toe Press Etsy Shop:
Here are my resolutions for 2015!
Available in the Pink Toe Press Etsy Shop:
I’ve got this pinned up in my office so as not to forget!

A great way to encourage yourself to stick with your goals is to put a reminder in a spot where you will see it every day. I designed this poster to be a piece of art that can live comfortably in your own home. The size of the printed image is 8 x 10 inches when trimmed, which will fit nicely in a variety of frames or you can even mat it! The possibilities are endless.

Available in the Pink Toe Press Etsy Shop:
Hung in a vintage white and cream frame.

Best of luck with your New Year’s Resolutions. I wish you many happy returns in this new year!