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Retro Aprons with Quilted Detail

Here is  a sneak peek of my newest aprons! They are a similar design as my Retro Fruits and Veggies Apron that I made around the holidays.

New Apron: Pink Woodlands

The perfect color combination: salmony pink, mint!

I am in love with the fabrics for this apron… the little woodland creatures are a delight. I’ve named this apron “Pink Woodlands” because of that fabric. It has a lot of quilted detailing from the bib to the waistband to the neck-ties. A lot of detail, love, and time went in to creating this apron!

Pink Woodlands Apron

Cute hedgehogs, squirrels, and mushroom adorn this cute apron!

The second one that I’ve been working on is this cute apron with a summery strawberry print. This apron is called “Strawberry Fields” and would be a great hostess gift, housewarming gift, or gift for a bride-to-be.  Wait until you see the rest of the apron…what a great color combination!

New Apron: Strawberry Fields

Makes me want to go strawberry picking!

Like the Pink Woodlands apron, Strawberry Fields is made using cotton fabrics and has beautiful quilted detailing in the bib and the straps!

New Apron: Strawberry Fields

Isnt that Ric-Rac amazing!?

Artwork, Fiber Arts, New Artwork, Sewing

Retro Style Apron

Apron sewn by yours truly.
Apron sewn by yours truly.

A little while ago I sewed a fun retro style apron using some fabrics that my sister helped me pick out. As someone who cooks most meals from scratch, the thought of having a nice, durable yet stylish apron is very appealing to me. I’ve ruined countless T-shirts and sweaters while cooking. I also have been in need of an apron for painting as I have ruined almost as many shirts with paints as I have sauce… so I figured now would be the perfect time to solve both problems! Since I was designing a set of recipe cards for my sister for Chirstmas, It made the most sense to gift the apron and recipe box to her. Although, I did take it for a test run first and made a batch of cookies with it. Perfection!

The apron is two sided and can be worn either way, this also makes for a safer apron, providing protection from heat and cold. There are pockets on the front of the apron that are large and pleated, and they can fit all manner of painting or cooking utensils within them. The straps on the neck and waist are long and leave enough room to tie a simple knot or a bow. It is adjustable so it can fit cooks or artists in a variety of sizes.

Apron sewn by yours truly
Apron sewn by yours truly

Attention to Detail:

The top of the apron on the front side is quilted and there is detailing and ricrac on both the front and flip-side. Over 2 yards of ricrac were used on this apron! The neck ties and waistband are also quilted, giving the ties a visual appeal and extra durability.

This is a nice, durable apron that can withstand cooking, cleaning, painting, washing and more! I look forward to making more aprons and having them available in my Etsy Shop. Stay tuned for more photos of new aprons as they are completed.