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Feeling Crabby

I’m not sure if you remember, but we have pet hermit crabs! They are a surprisingly fun little pet. They are relatively easy to take care for and get along well with other crabs (for the most part).  Sometimes they will fight with each other over shells, but otherwise they get along together well!2015-11-05-22-48-03

This drawing was made with pen and ink, Prismacolor and Copic Markers, and chalk markers for the opaque white.

Drawings, New Artwork

El Sol y La Luna

This pen and ink drawing of the sun and the moon is one of my new favorites. I think I’d like to make this piece in to a tattoo (or temporary tattoo!). This was hand-drawn on paper with only a ballpoint pen. This drawing is Inspired by Italian and Mexican folk art.

There is a framed original for sale at the gallery.

Graphic Design, New Artwork

Make Me Wine

I am one of those people who judges a book by its cover and picks her wine because of its label. Needless to say, I was pretty excited when approached to design a wine label recently. Although this is not the actual label design (it’s more of a practice run), I am very pleased with how this came out. Made from a drawing of mine, this label is meant to look as if it were made from an etched plate.

Next, I’ll share a mock-up picture of the label on a bottle.

*The drawing is based off an old photograph from the Library of Congress that I found on Flickr.