My How Time Flies

California Postcard Collection

My postcards that I collected while living and traveling in California

I cannot believe that it has been an ENTIRE YEAR since I moved from California to New York.

While I truly miss Los Angeles, I am happy to be in New York. It’s a balancing act, of course. I miss my friends that I made in LA, but I’ve made some great friends here in Buffalo. I am bummed to have to deal with snow again (especially with the winter we had last year and with this year’s Snowvember) but I am SO happy that I can DRIVE to see my family. I miss my scooter, but I am glad to have my car with the rough roads we have in WNY. I miss “summer year-round” but I truly love the changing seasons. etc.

This is not an all-inclusive list, but here are a few lists of things I miss about LA:

Things I miss the most (other than the people, of course) in no particular order:

1.  The mountains.

2. Griffith Park. We would ride our bikes to the Autry Museum and spend the day in their courtyard sketching or lounging in the grass.

3. Comic book stores, especially House of Secrets which I could walk to!

4. Game Dude. There is no better video game store than Game Dude. A walk down memory lane to be sure.

5. Lucha Vavoom

6. Art Museums, especially the Getty Museum: one of my favorite places in the city.

7. Tony’s Darts Away. I have yet to find a better restaurant with good drinks and good vegan food.

8. Olvera Street.

9. The sheer volume of artistic get-togethers, especially for figure drawing.

10. Little Tokyo. I found out about this gem much too late in my time living in LA.

Things I am most surprised that I miss:

1. KCRW. I miss this radio station SO much, especially since my commute is actually further in WNY than it was in LA.

2. The two GOATS who lived in our back yard in Burbank. They belonged to our landlady and they were so, so funny.

3. Not that I drink much, but grocery stores that sell wine or liquor (it’s illegal to sell groceries and wine or spirits in NY!). That additional stop has really kept me from buying much wine or spirits.

4. The studios. While it was an inconvenience when I had to get to work and our street was closed for “filming”, it was neat being in the middle of so much creativity.

5. 24-hour restaurants (Hello, Coral Cafe and Bob’s Big Boy!). I’m not much of a night-owl, but I’m having trouble finding places near my place that are open past 10 PM during the week.

And now for the things that I don’t miss much: Seemingly endless traffic, especially whenever there was an event in Hollywood and we were trying to make our way through it; Smog and droughts; Cost of renting a reasonably-sized apartment. And, of course, being so very far from family.