Floral Signage: Spring Blooms 2

More signage for our floral department. This time featuring the cute and cheery “waxflower”. These blooms nearly always come in this magenta-purple hue but occasionally can be pink or white

Sharpie and card stock make these signs pop

Floral Signage: Spring Blooms

It’s that time of year at TJs: Ranunculus season! We are lucky to get these beautiful flowers in store for a limited time each year. As we have recently updated our floral department signage with my new illustrated signs for each variety of bloom, I just had to make these signs for the ranunculus.

Made from card stock and permanent marker

These signs will be laminated and then have the price written over the laminate. Then they will be clipped to the individual buckets. Ranunculus come in a variety of colors, and these signs reflect some of the variation in the blooms.