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New Project: Magazine Layout Thumbnails

Sketchbook Page: Magazine Design
Magazine page thumbnails for data-centric article feature.

I’ve been spending a lot of time working on the computer for design projects. While I do a lot of hand-drawn illustration and design for work, most of my work at home is on the computer. Sometimes it is easiest to sketch digitally, while other times it is most helpful to draw with pen and paper. The other day, I put together a variety of thumbnails and ideas for magazine page layouts.

Sketchbook Page: Magazine Design
Magazine page thumbnails for personality feature.

These drawings are helpful because they were relatively quick to put together and will be helpful when I work digitally to piece the actual pages together. Like any artistic exercise, this was a fun way to work through an insy-bitsy bit of artists’ block while spending too much time on the computer! :-)

Sketchbook Page: Magazine Design
Detail shot.

Not all of the pages correlate with each other (except for the 2-page spreads and the numbered pages), but many are supposed to be part of a hypothetical sequence. This was a fun exercise and I will be sure to share more like it!

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Breaking News


we are moving!

Yes, you heard it right: we are moving. From Los Angeles to Western New York. In winter. In December. With two silly cats. While we have been talking of moving for a while now, I didn’t think it would sneak up on us so quickly!

While we’ve been told that moving in the middle of winter from sunny Southern California may not be the best idea, we’ve decided that the timing couldn’t be better! Fortunately we both have work lined up, which is part of the reason that we are moving now and not waiting for spring. I was able to transfer with my current job and they want me to start “yesterday”. They are excited to have me join the team here in Buffalo, which is amazing. My boyfriend also has a number of contract positions ready for him when we relocate. It’s so, so exciting!

We’ll be using a moving company to ship my car and our things that we can be without for a while, and then  we will each be flying with a couple checked bags and, of course, one cat*!  This is all very exciting news and I will be sure to keep you all posted!

*If you fly Southwest Airlines you are able to fly with your small pet in a carrying bag . They sit underneath the seat in front of you, just like a carry-on bag!

UPDATE 12/16/2013: I have arrived safely with Ferdinand the cat. We were picked up from the airport shortly after our arrival (I had to get my bags!) and my boyfriend’s dad took us to the apartment. Ferdinand was none too happy, but our family in the area was amazing and bought a makeshift litter box and some litter for the little guy and he was fine once that was set up and there was food in his bowl.  We need to wait until tomorrow to see if Leo and the Boyfriend arrive safely. I also need to wait until tomorrow to get Ferdinand more food. Not one for planning ahead, he immediately gobbled up everything I gave him.

Update 12/17/2013: Leo and the Boyfriend arrived safely. Leo was, of course, perfect the whole ride only complaining a bit when the plane was taking off or landing. He’s such a good little Dude. The only causality was that my Boyfriend found out upon arriving that his “Wacom Companion” charger got packed away with our moving truck. Hopefully we can pick up a spare one with out much trouble in the next few days.

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Busy Number People

Number People

Busy Number People, original illustrations.

Welcome to my newest project: Busy Number People! I illustrated these little guys over the summer and introduced them at the Renegade Craft Fair in the form of adorable little notebooks and prints! They really lend themselves to the printed world and I look forward to moving forward with this concept in the near future.

I have plans to make them in to their own story book and give them their own little lives. Stay tuned for more about these little Number People! And, of course, Little Letter People?

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New Unicorn Postcard Colors

One of my most popular postcard designs has gotten an upgrade!

unicorn postcards

I love the pink and white unicorn, but I felt a it needed a friend in complimentary colors. Unicorns aren’t all the same color anyways. Both designs are made from original pen and ink illustration and digitally colored. They are printed in the USA and are available in my Etsy shop, Pink Toe Press as separate and joint postcard packs! They are also available at Rocket Fizz Burbank. You can send them in the mail like a regular postcard (just add a stamp!) or they fit nicely in a frame or envelope.

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Something Old, Something NEW

I’m creating in HIGH GEAR for the Renegade Craft Fair this next month. I’ve been making lots of new things and new versions of old favorites. Here is a selection of some of the pieces and products I will be selling at the Fair!

Art on Display

Some of the artwork that will be available at the Renegade Craft Fair LOS ANGELES:

Everything shown is made by Page Redford and is made in Burbank, CA.

From Top to Bottom:

Vinyl Letters: Hand painted letters on old vinyl records!

Paper Pendants: Necklaces made from paper!

Pin-Back Buttons: Assorted designs including retro, original artwork, patterns, vintage ads, and more! Available individually or in 2-packs or 4-packs!

Embroidery: Assorted designs and sizes. All awesome and HAND SEWN!

Postcards:  Assorted designs, available in individual or multi-packs

Greeting Cards: Assorted designs, sold with envelope in a clear pack.

And now for my NEWEST products, the ButTONES!

ButTones Pin-back ButtonsPin-back buttons inspired by the Pantone paint chips. Fun colors with fun names that you can match to your wardrobe or favorite bag. Various colors…I’m rocking the “Dolphin Orange” as I type! Soon to be available in my ETSY SHOP and at PINKTOEPRESS (dot) COM as buttons and soon to be made in to magnets for your fridge or locker (or car!). They will also be available at the Renegade Craft Fair. :-)

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Retro Rocket Postcards

Retro Rocket Postcards

I am excited to share my newest project with you: Retro Rocket Postcards! These fun postcards feature a Dashing Dog and Curious Cat as astronauts in their own Space Ships!

Retro Rockets

These postcards all measure 4 x 6 inches and they are printed on AMAZING Cougar Paper which gives the postcards both an amazing weight and color.


They even have a space on the back for writing the recipient’s address and a handy icon so you know where your postage goes; it’s 33 cents for a card within the USA, $1.10 for anywhere else. These postcards are perfect for sending little letters to people all around the world!

NOW available as a 6-pack in my Etsy shop!

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El Sol y La Luna

This pen and ink drawing of the sun and the moon is one of my new favorites. I think I’d like to make this piece in to a tattoo (or temporary tattoo!). This was hand-drawn on paper with only a ballpoint pen. This drawing is Inspired by Italian and Mexican folk art.

There is a framed original for sale at the gallery.

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So Fresh Birthday or Everyday Card

This card is so fresh! Whether you love veggies and fruits, or are just looking for a fun, unique card to give to that someone special, I think you’ll love this card. I feel like this card would be better left blank with space for you to write your own message on the inside. That way it could be a card for any occasion, but I think that it could make a great birthday card for a young’un

Each little veggie was hand drawn by yours truly and they are some of my favorites. I thought this could be a fun card, maybe even a wrapping paper or napkin set? The possibilities are endless, really.

Can you guess what each fruit or veggie is?

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Graphic Design Samples 2: Children’s Book

Hello again,

I’ve been meaning to post these for a while now. I’m not sure if I told you, but I worked on layout and graphic design for a children’s book. The book was written by a skilled actress and teacher who works with young children. She came up with the idea for a travel book for kids and adults that is geared towards traveling via airplane (although the activities could easily be modified to work for land or sea travel). From activities to complete alone or with a group, this book will surely keep even the most active travelers at bay.

This was a fun and challenging project. The book ended up being about 100 pages and includes 101 activities to do while traveling. Each page was designed by yours truly. Once my copy of the book arrives, I’ll  be sure to post more pictures.  *I did not illustrate this book, the illustrations were done by another person. I did create all of the the layouts and page designs. If you are interested in picking up a copy of the book, visit this link. :-)

I’ve heard that the author is planning on making a Spanish Language version of the book. Stay tuned for more information on that project and for some photographs of the book.

Thanks for lookin’! -P

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Pretty Geometric Necklaces

Happy Leap Day!

Boy have I been busy lately! Can you believe that it’s almost MARCH already?! I really don’t like going so long between posts and updates, but I’ve been working on some cool projects. I’ve got so much to go over, I’ll need several posts. Here is my absolute new favorite:

These are one of my favorite new projects. Each polygonal pendant is cut by hand with surgical precision. I can’t wait to have more ready to bring to the Handmade Galleries and maybe even Mindful Nest in Burbank. They’re really quite lovely and can be made with 100’s of different color combinations. On top of that, the pendants are made from a surprising material! Can you guess what it is? Look at those great layers:

Stay tuned to find out what the pendants/necklaces are made from and for more information on new projects.