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Get Well Soon

Do you know someone who is sick? I find it so hard to find the “right” card for someone who isn’t feeling well. Whether they have the common cold, surgery, or something more serious, it’s hard to find a card that can speak to the recipient without being too sarcastic or overly dramatic. I designed this card to be simple, elegant, and tasteful. No matter what your friend or loved one is suffering from, this card is sure to brighten their day.

Artwork, Greeting Cards

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo! ¡Felíz Cinco de Mayo!

I designed this to be a “Get Well” card for children, but as they’re piñatas, you could even use this for Post-Cinco-De-Mayo “get well cards”, I suppose. Please take care and be responsible if you choose to party. I know I’ll be laying low and having some chips and guacamole when I get off of work tonight. I wish we had gotten tickets to see Lucha Vavoom again this year.