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Calavera Makeup

Calavera makeup for Dia de los Muertos

I know that Dia De Los Muertos is a few days away , but I thought I’d share some “Dia De Los Muertos” makeup that I did over the weekend. I volunteered (through/for the shop) at an awesome Halloween/ Autumn Festival at a local elementary school, working an activity booth and passing out candy and treats to kids. The event was put together really well and I had a lot of fun!

Since it was a Halloweeney event, I wanted to wear a costume, but not something that was:

1: Not too scary, as I was at an elementary school and there were lots of young kids.

2: Not too hard to wear, as I was outside and running around after bean bags  for 4 hours.

3: Fun. I didn’t want something boring or goofy. With a latex allergy, a lot of masks and “special effects” makeup are off-limits anyways. Many people really liked the make up too. Although, I think I scared a couple kids who just saw the left side of my face first. :-)

This is what I came up with on the fly, and I think it turned out well and really didn’t take that long to do.  My only complaint is that I rode my scooter to work and a little bit of the makeup on my forehead got smudged from my helmet, but despite having my full-face helmet on, that was the only problem I had (didn’t even notice it with the wig once I put that on). I plan on doing this again if/when we go downtown for Dia de los Muertos this week. I know that they have people there who will do the face painting for you, but I think it’s more fun to do it myself!