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Pretty Pretty Paper

I’ve always had a love for paper and paper-crafting. It was really only a matter of time before I started really expanding my horizons with the lovely medium. I’ve been drawing on paper since before I can remember. I’ve made origami, pop-up cards, even a suit coat from paper, so this newest paper creation was only natural: NECKLACES made from PAPER!

This is what the necklaces look like from the front. Can you believe that they’re made from paper?

I’ve always loved geometry. It just makes sense. I’ve never really understood artists who say that they’re “bad at math”… to be a good artist, you have to use math all the time. Printing dimensions, cutting, figuring out how much paint you need to cover a canvas… But I digress, these necklaces here showcase my love for geometry. They are inspired by tessellations and mosaics, some are simple while others are more complex.

This is what the necklaces look like on the backside.

Each necklace is meticulously cut by hand and finished with a clear coat to protect the paper from moisture, sweat and water. They are then secured to a nickle-free chain coated in gold or silver with a lobster clasp on the back.  An added “bonus” of each necklace is that they have colored layers that you can see from the side, and the backside of each necklace is different from the front.

This is a view of the pendant from the side. See how colorful it is!

I think that these are really quite lovely. They are colorful and eye-catching, graphic, simple, and tasteful. I’ve gotten quite a few compliments wearing my blue hexagons (Q*Bert) necklace. And being made from an unexpected material, they have been a great conversation piece. More colors, shapes, and sizes to come! Stay tuned.

Thanks for looking!


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Pretty Geometric Necklaces

Happy Leap Day!

Boy have I been busy lately! Can you believe that it’s almost MARCH already?! I really don’t like going so long between posts and updates, but I’ve been working on some cool projects. I’ve got so much to go over, I’ll need several posts. Here is my absolute new favorite:

These are one of my favorite new projects. Each polygonal pendant is cut by hand with surgical precision. I can’t wait to have more ready to bring to the Handmade Galleries and maybe even Mindful Nest in Burbank. They’re really quite lovely and can be made with 100’s of different color combinations. On top of that, the pendants are made from a surprising material! Can you guess what it is? Look at those great layers:

Stay tuned to find out what the pendants/necklaces are made from and for more information on new projects.