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We’ve Moved

It’s been a while since I moved to a new apartment. But I still have friends and family contacting me to let me know that a letter has bounced back, only to find that they have my last address, or sometimes an even older one. I was inspired to make this card after seeing some of the homes in the area between “Downtown” and the area in which I grew up. The old homes there have been well preserved and even maintain their lovely paint jobs. I wouldn’t say they’re my dream home, but they sure are lovely. Now, if I sent these out either as cards or postcards, or perhaps something smaller like a business card, I’m sure people would remember that I’d moved. I’ll be sure to print a few of these up for next time I move. It will save me some trouble later on down the road!

On the inside of this card, I plan on having space for the new address, new phone number, and, perhaps, a space for the email address?