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So Fresh Birthday or Everyday Card

This card is so fresh! Whether you love veggies and fruits, or are just looking for a fun, unique card to give to that someone special, I think you’ll love this card. I feel like this card would be better left blank with space for you to write your own message on the inside. That way it could be a card for any occasion, but I think that it could make a great birthday card for a young’un

Each little veggie was hand drawn by yours truly and they are some of my favorites. I thought this could be a fun card, maybe even a wrapping paper or napkin set? The possibilities are endless, really.

Can you guess what each fruit or veggie is?

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Owl Clock Painting

Here is the newest painting that I’ve created for the piece riot art show! This one is based off of a clock that my first boss used to have. I always loved looking at that clock.

I am thinking I may even turn it into a real clock if I have the time!