If Only In My Dreams

Michigan Postcard Collection

We’ve been listening to Christmas songs at work for about a month now. I think I have heard every possible variation of every classical Christmas song ever produced for radio. One that has been sticking in my head lately is “I’ll be Home for Christmas” by Bing Crosby, perhaps because this is the first Christmas that I WON’T be going “home” to Michigan. I was so fortunate to be able to go home three times this past year but, unfortunately, I do not have any additional paid-time-off to use.

While I will not be traveling to Michigan this holiday season, I will certainly be thinking of the Great Lakes State. I put together a collection of my Michigan postcards and hung it up today. “I’ll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams!”

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Wood TV8 Feature

My ArtPrize Project was part of a small feature on WoodTV8’s website.

Check out the feature for my work HERE.

There are 23 slides in the slideshow, and my work is on 2 slides. How cool is that!?

Thank you to my Mom’s friend for finding the feature for me!

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Postcards for ArtPrize

I’m pleased to present you with the postcards for my ArtPrize project. I know I’ve been showing you the digital files for a while now, but here are photographs of the real cards. They turned out very nicely, if you ask me.

These cards are standard postcard size, meaning they can be sent in the mail just like a normal postcard OR you can slip one in an envelope.

For $0.29 you can send one of these babies anywhere in the USA.

For $0.80 you can send one of these cards to someone in Canada or Mexico.

For $0.98 you can send these postcards anywhere in the world. Neat!

It’s a bargain.

Stop by 40 Monroe Center Street in Grand Rapids, Michigan from September 21st to October 9th to pick up a card for yourself. Add an address and proper postage, then come back to www.pageredford.com and  submit the destination of the card online. I will take that data and log it on a map that visualizes the travels of everyone’s cards.

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ArtPrize Competition

I am very excited to be participating in this year’s ArtPrize competition. ArtPrize is an art competition held in Grand Rapids, Michigan in September/October. Artists from all over the world come to participate, and the WHOLE CITY is FULL of art! It’s an amazing thing to behold. My artwork will be at 40 Monroe Center Street NW in Grand Rapids in what is called the Peck Building. It’s a nice old building with a lot of character, and you will be able to see my artwork in person.

My project is a set of posters and postcards that are inspired by vintage travel posters and postcards from the early 1900’s. Each card was designed by me, and all of the photographs were taken by me as well. Each design is unique, and I have created these specific cards just for ArtPrize. This project also has an online component wherein the cards gotten during ArtPrize are intended to be sent around the world by ArtPrize viewers and attendees. The recipient of the card is incouraged to log the destination of the card (where they live) on http://www.pageredford.com, and then I will create a map logging the travels of each card.

For less than a dollar, you can send a postcard anywhere in the world.