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As you may have read in an earlier post, my beloved Il Bello scooter has been on her last leg for a while. Ever since my first day at the studio, actually (I was in a small accident. Turned right on to the road the studio is on and the road was wet from some construction. That combined with someone turning left from the opposite lane as I was turning caused me to turn too fast, especially with the wet, muddy road. I took a spill with the bike but was “safe”. I hadn’t filled her up with gas, so the tank was low and didn’t overflow, but the handlebars got off-kilter and I believe the fall (which was on the engine side) hurt the engine. Because a few months later, despite repairs, the engine kept cutting out and eventually got to the point where riding her was quite dangerous. Repairs were expensive, my position at the studio was looking up, so I decided to spoil myself!


What a pretty face!

Now, the Stella Scooter is a sexy little number made by the Genuine Scooter Company.

She is a 150 CC, manual transmission beauty with a metal body and a bit of pep. I’ve ridden manual cars, motorcycles, and ATVs before, but I’m newer to the manual scooter transmission. I’ll be sure to keep y’all posted as to how that goes. I know it’s not art-related, but since she’s so pretty, I decided to make an exception.

My new scooter in the foreground and my old scooter in the background.

*If i get the cash, maybe I’ll have the old scoot fixed up. I wanted to trade her in, but the

Dealer said they wouldn’t take her since she’s Chinese. Whatever.

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NEW! Fish Painting

One fish, too-cool fish! This piece may be my new favorite!

I am absolutely in love with painting on wood! I’m really, really happy with how this piece came out. It’s a little hard to tell in the photographs, but the bronze color on the fish is actually metallic, so it looks like real fish scales. In addition, he has a bit of a glittery shine to some of his white scales.

I hope that you like this piece as much as I do!

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Robot Painting

This post’s feature: Yet another painting on wood!

This piece was the first one that I started (of the paintings on wood), but I did not finish it right away. I always find it best to work on a few projects at once…

This is a painting on heavier/thicker wood than the Lovebirds Painting.

If you didn’t notice…he’s a cowboy robot. He even has a revolver, sheriff’s badge, and spurs. He’s a pretty cool guy. I am really quite pleased with how this piece came out. I think that the bright colors of the robot and his boxiness pair very well with the organic shapes and warmth of the wood.

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Love Birds Finished

I finished the “Love Birds” Painting! I am so pleased with how these pieces on wood turned out. I am really excited to hang this and my other pieces in the gallery! I’ll be sure to show the full painting soon.

Detail shot of the heart and birds from my “Love Birds” painting.