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So Fresh Birthday or Everyday Card

This card is so fresh! Whether you love veggies and fruits, or are just looking for a fun, unique card to give to that someone special, I think you’ll love this card. I feel like this card would be better left blank with space for you to write your own message on the inside. That way it could be a card for any occasion, but I think that it could make a great birthday card for a young’un

Each little veggie was hand drawn by yours truly and they are some of my favorites. I thought this could be a fun card, maybe even a wrapping paper or napkin set? The possibilities are endless, really.

Can you guess what each fruit or veggie is?


Valentines Day

Pop-Up Valentine’s Day Heart Cards

Usually I am not someone who makes something that is for a specific holiday or event… I do make exceptions, though. I think that these handmade pop-up cards would make lovely valentines. Inspired by computer graphics, 8-bit video games, and the fun I always had with pop-up books and cards, these little cards are a refreshing change from mass-produced, store-bought cards.

Tell someone “I <3 U” with one of these fun cards!

I’ve always liked pop-up cards and have had an interest in making them ever since (years ago) my friend Katie had a birthday party and her mother (an artist and art teacher) taught us how to make very simple pop-ups. As someone who has a collection of pop-up books, a knack for origami and paper-crafting, and a love of pixel art, you’d think I would have gotten around to making these sooner.

Each envelope is filled with (handmade) confetti. A nice touch.

I hand cut each card from paper and carefully folded each one, each card also has a handmade envelope. I think these would make lovely cards any time of the year (not just on Valentine’s Day). They’d be a great card for the gamer or computer whiz in your life.  *I’m working on other pop-up designs… I’ll keep you posted!

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Busy Busy

Sorry I’ve been missing in action for a while now…I’ve been working on several design jobs that have been keeping me rather busy lately. This piece is newer, but not brand new, and I know I haven’t shared it with you yet. I think it’s quite lovely…and everyone loves cake. Enjoy!

Take care,