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Halloween Cats

A little while ago I posted about a Halloween Cat drawing that I’d made. Now I think I know what I’ll do with him: make a pattern for paper, textiles, and more! Look at how happy they all are:

Time to make some Halloween bags and T-shirts. I’ve got my screens ready!

Artwork, Drawings

Getting Ready for Halloween

Halloween is my favorite time of year!

I really like all parts of the Holiday…from the costumes to the candy, the haunted houses to the changing leaves. As you know, I like cats too, so this little drawing really makes me smile. This grinning cat is ready to celebrate Halloween with you. I sketched the ideas for the drawing with pen and ink, then made this version digitally.

I can’t wait to turn this in to a screen print. I think it would make an awesome print or tote bag. Stay tuned for more Halloweeney fun!!!