Happy Birthday to the CATS!

Happy Birthday to…the cats!

I can hardly believe it’s been 6 years since my two goofy cats were born! I adopted them at about 4 weeks in September of 2008, so this is their birthday week. I happily adopted them from the Humane Society of Huron Valley. It was “Buy one get one free” for the cats that week, which is why I have two cats instead of one! Now you know!

It is a special day when your companions turn 6. I, of course, had to make the little guys some birthday cake. Unfortunately it is work getting them to eat much other than cat food (Ferdinand will eat nothing but), so they didn’t do much more than lick the frosting.

Birthday BoyLeo is investigating the tiny cake.

He seems to like the frosting but doesn’t like the sprinkles.

While I never would have thought of myself as a “Cat Person” 6.5-7 years ago, I am a happy Cat Mom now. My cats are a wonderful source of inspiration and entertainment, and they always make me smile. I wouldn’t have it any other way, unless there was a way to not ALWAYS be covered in cat hair.

Birthday BoyFerdinand is terrified.

Perhaps of the tiny cake? Perhaps of aging?

While I go and give my cats a little extra cat food and some new toys, I hope you give your companion animals (and/or people) a good hug! Or perhaps a “tooth” like Leo loves to give me.

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Breaking News


we are moving!

Yes, you heard it right: we are moving. From Los Angeles to Western New York. In winter. In December. With two silly cats. While we have been talking of moving for a while now, I didn’t think it would sneak up on us so quickly!

While we’ve been told that moving in the middle of winter from sunny Southern California may not be the best idea, we’ve decided that the timing couldn’t be better! Fortunately we both have work lined up, which is part of the reason that we are moving now and not waiting for spring. I was able to transfer with my current job and they want me to start “yesterday”. They are excited to have me join the team here in Buffalo, which is amazing. My boyfriend also has a number of contract positions ready for him when we relocate. It’s so, so exciting!

We’ll be using a moving company to ship my car and our things that we can be without for a while, and then  we will each be flying with a couple checked bags and, of course, one cat*!  This is all very exciting news and I will be sure to keep you all posted!

*If you fly Southwest Airlines you are able to fly with your small pet in a carrying bag . They sit underneath the seat in front of you, just like a carry-on bag!

UPDATE 12/16/2013: I have arrived safely with Ferdinand the cat. We were picked up from the airport shortly after our arrival (I had to get my bags!) and my boyfriend’s dad took us to the apartment. Ferdinand was none too happy, but our family in the area was amazing and bought a makeshift litter box and some litter for the little guy and he was fine once that was set up and there was food in his bowl.  We need to wait until tomorrow to see if Leo and the Boyfriend arrive safely. I also need to wait until tomorrow to get Ferdinand more food. Not one for planning ahead, he immediately gobbled up everything I gave him.

Update 12/17/2013: Leo and the Boyfriend arrived safely. Leo was, of course, perfect the whole ride only complaining a bit when the plane was taking off or landing. He’s such a good little Dude. The only causality was that my Boyfriend found out upon arriving that his “Wacom Companion” charger got packed away with our moving truck. Hopefully we can pick up a spare one with out much trouble in the next few days.