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Inspirational Quote: You’re a Lion

I have recently started re-watching the show 30 Rock. I think it is a well-written show with some very funny moments. When my playlist just won’t do, I put it on while I am working on projects.

I made this “inspirational” illustration while watching an episode last night where Jack is psyching himself up for a big presentation. This was one of the things that he said to himself in the mirror: “You’re a lion, take what’s yours.” I thought it was sound advice.


This drawing was made using pen and ink, Prismacolor grey markers ranging from 20 %to 80%


“You’re a lion, take what’s yours” Jack Donaghy

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Typography Illustration: Do Your Best

Hand-Lettering is a BIIIG part of my life. It seems like every day I have a new lettering project that I am working on. Some projects are client-driven, while others are ones that I take on myself. This illustration was an exercise in not only doing the work, but documenting it and photographing the steps.

I chose the phrase “do your best” for this illustration because I want to encourage others to strive to do the best they can do with their art.

I wanted to show my followers on Instagram the steps I take in completing the inking of a typographic piece. I always start with a pencil sketch. I generally use mechanical pencils for their precise line and easy erasing.

Once the lines are finalized, I go over them with ink. I use a variety of pen sizes and types.do_ur_best1

Start to finish: counter-clockwise from top left.

I wait a short while for the ink to dry and then use a soft, white eraser to erase the pencil lines. This is sometimes the hardest part! Be careful to let the ink dry, though, as it can smear and ruin your drawing!


I added stippling after adding the bold ink outline.

After the ink has dried, you can add other embellishments like hatching, cross hatching, or stippling to add contrast. I think I will color this piece, but I will leave that for another time!


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Chalkboard A-Frame Artwork: Anniversary

One of the most fun parts of my job is that I get to create hand-painted signs using chalk, paint, and other traditional materials. I think that classic look A-FRAME signs are on of my favorite things to make.


They are a fun, quick(ish), easy(ish) way to let customers know about events and activities. This A-Frame was created to celebrate our anniversary party.aframe_anniversary

Come celebrate with us!

The A-Frames we use measure 2 x 3 feet. They are sturdy, durable, and reusable. I generally use mostly white chalk and white chalk pens to do the lettering and, depending on the board, add additional colors to highlight aspects of the design.

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Take Me With You

Wouldn’t it be great if you never forgot your reusable bags when you went shopping at the grocery store? Tired of being taken over by plastic bags in your pantry? Wouldn’t it be nice to get a friendly reminder to be more “Green” and to not forget your bags? Well, I’ve got the answer for you…

Take Me Tote GreenIntroducing the “Take Me With You” Tote Bag! A great cotton canvas tote bag that reminds you ever-so-nicely to, well, not forget it! Bring this bag with you everywhere you go for groceries, library trips, or just for everyday toting of things! The fun lettering makes it a great bag for every day use too! Put it in your car or hang it on your door so that you’ll never forget to bring a bag with you when you go shopping!

Take Me Tote GreyAvailable in various colors in my Etsy Shop!

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Getting Back in to Screen Printing

I love Printmaking. In school, my favorite classes were traditional printmaking classes. There’s something wonderful about the attention to detail and the tactical nature both in the creation of the blocks and plates, and in the prints themselves. I loved working with intaglio plates and hand-carved blocks. Unfortunately I do not have access to a studio here with some of the necessary resources…on top of that, I feel that the chemicals used in intaglio may get me in trouble if used in my residence in L.A. (I have a friend who is a potter and she has to go out of the city to fire her clay due to regulations!) Although I never used the process in school, I’ve taken up screen printing. I bought a small wooden framed Speedball starter kit a few years back and really liked it. My prints were pretty simple at the beginning, but I really loved the process.

The design was hand-drawn and screen printed.

Print measures 11 by 17 inches.

I now am very fortunate to have a very nice Screen Printing press, a wonderful gift from my wonderful boyfriend. It is a 4-color machine, and really fantastic! My only complaint is that my cats like to sleep on the platen when it’s not in use and they get pretty miffed when I use the press for printmaking. I had taken a little break from printing for a while because I “couldn’t find the time” but now I’ve made time and made this lovely little print.

The lettering was hand-drawn by yours truly. The gold leafing was added to the flourish at the bottom after printing. It was painted on by hand.

I designed this print for my wonderful boyfriend. :-)

Stay tuned to purchase these prints in my Etsy Shop and at WWW.PINKTOEPRESS.COM